How stress makes you sick? (Isha Bhatia Sanan) Video HD

Video: How stress makes you sick? (Isha Bhatia Sanan) Video HD

How stress makes you sick? (Isha Bhatia Sanan) Video HD Health.

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VideoHow stress makes you sick?

Isha Bhatia Sanan

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How stress makes you sick? (Isha Bhatia Sanan) Video HD Download New Video HD

Sehat Talk with Isha Bhatia Sanan: How stress makes you sick?

दफ्तर का तनाव आपको लगातार बीमार कर रहा है. बार बार सिर का दुखना स्ट्रेस की एक निशानी है. ये स्ट्रेस आपको दिल की बीमारी भी दे सकता है और इम्यून सिस्टम को भी कमजोर करता है. इतना ही नहीं, महिलाओं में स्ट्रेस के कारण पीरियड्स रुक जाते हैं और पुरुषों में स्तंभन दोष यानी इरेक्टाइल डिसफंक्शन जैसी दिक्कत भी आ सकती है. जानिए, तनाव कैसे आपको बीमार बना रहा है.

Script & Concept: Isha Bhatia Sanan
Camera: Gianni Di Biase
Editing: Anand Desai, Gianni Di Biase

In this video:

00:06 How remote working has increased stress?
00:30 Effects of stress on human body
00:40 Can stress delay your period?
00:45 Stress could lead to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive
00:59 Stress can cause hormonal imbalance
01:22 What is fight or flight mode?
02:15 Stress effects on brain and hippocampus
02:30 How modern lifestyle in leading to stress
03:15 Stress can lead to depression and weak immune system
03:35 Excercise can help reduce stress
04:04 Stress is the most common cause of headaches
04:25 Why do painkillers not work on headaches at times?
04:38 What are tension headaches?
05:06 How is migraine different from common headache?
05:16 What are the first warning signs of a migraine attack?
05:23 What is migraine with aura?
05:44 How to make a migraine go away?
06:20 Stress can lead to insomnia and constipation
06:40 Stress hormones can affect your mood
07:00 Taking breaks can increase productivity at workplace.

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