Helicpotter Ruchika Jangid HD

Video: Helicpotter Ruchika Jangid HD

Helicpotter Ruchika Jangid HD Haryanvi.

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Ruchika Jangid

Music GR Music
Lyrics Aamin Barodi
Category Haryanvi

Singer -Ruchika Jangid
Lyrics- Aamin Barodi
Music-GR Music
Director – Farista
Producer-Amardeep(Rubal Sidhu),Harinder Dhaliwal
Presents-Amrit Maan And BambBeat

Act-Aamin Barodi ,Anjali Raghay
Dop- Aman Staunt
Ass.Dop-Krishna Parashar
AD-Gauray Chaudhary & Sahil Ding
Dance Group-Aliz A
Edit DI-Saties Prajapati
Ass.Edtior -Parkesh Prajapati
Makeup -Sweta A
Poster Design -Sounu Rana

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